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Psalms 115 Prayer

The Watered Soul: Psalms 115 Prayer

Feb 15, 2010

Psalms 115 Prayer

Read Psalms 115 today. Lord displace every idol in my life-in our lives. For they are useless to save us. They are powerless to render aide. For you alone are our True HELPER and our SHIELD. Helps us to trust you fully. Your word declares in Ps 115:12-13 that you, Lord, remember us and that you will bless us. You will bless those who fear you rather great or small. Help us to have proper fear of your awesomeness and to teach our children to reverance you so that they too may be blessed. Thank you that your Word promises us rich blessings in accordance with Ps 115:14. Thank you that you have given us the earth (vs.16). Now help us to know how to subdue it. Teach us how, Lord, to be a good steward of that you entrusted us with. In Jesus name.~ Amen

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